Tracy (misstracy) wrote,

Rob Brezsny astrology stuff

I like this one from Rob as it has a sort of Charge of the Goddess feel to it, mixing in two frequently-seen-as-opposite things that aren't opposites at all. E.g. "beauty and strength", "power and compassion", etc. And the particular pairings he provides really suit me and sound like lovely goals.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): I have compiled a set of four affirmations that I
think will keep you on the right track in the coming weeks. Try saying
them at least twice a day. 1. "I am cultivating Relaxed Alertness, because
that will make me receptive to high-quality clues about how to proceed."
2. "I am expressing Casual Perfectionism, because that way I will
thoroughly enjoy being excellent, and not stress about it." 3. "I am full
of Diligent Indifference, working hard out of love for the work and not
being attached to the outcome." 4. "I am practicing Serene Debauchery,
because if I'm not manically obsessed with looking for opportunities to
cut loose, those opportunities will present themselves to me with grace
and frequency."
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