Tracy (misstracy) wrote,

The Grocery Game: 42% saved so far

We have been playing for a few months now, and been tracking results for 13 weeks. It's going quite well. In addition to the fun we've had, we're absolutely saving money while simultaneously stockpiling a good amount of food.

Now, I've always kept a well-stocked pantry, but we are seriously well-stocked now! Our freezer is nicely stocked, too. I know I could easily eat for 4+ weeks off my original stockpiling (when money was very tight years ago, I did just that!). I can't begin to estimate now, but I think we could probably get more like 6-8, if not many more, weeks out of out stock. That is, if we ate the proper portions and not like your average Americans. ;)

After 13 weeks we have spent ~1300 and saved an additional ~1000. So, we're spending 100/week on groceries for two, but are leaving with a rather overstuffed cart worth close to double that. Keep in mind that if 100/week sounds outrageous for two people that 1) we no longer eat out at all (other than vacation, occasionally with friends, etc.), 2) we have a stockpile that would keep us nicely fed for months even with no income, and 3) we have a broad range of stock so that we can make nearly any recipe without having to shop for special ingredients (okay, the gram/chickpea flour for an Indian fish batter was something new, but I'd say that's rather specialty for most households).

All in all, we love it! Week after week of hovering around, and occasionally topping, the 50% off mark and every week saving so much that a manager has to come and approve the that is FUN!

Ahem. Okay. So we need social lives. At least we're saving enough money to have them someday. ;)
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