Tracy (misstracy) wrote,

Method's new ad campaign

I don't know if anyone uses Method brand soaps/etc. I don't happen to. I've taken to mixing almost all my own products. I might have bought some of their stuff in the past; I truly don't recall. But I won't be buying any in the future.

I find their new ad positively disgusting. They are, supposedly, attempting to get required labeling of ingredients on products with this ad. "If you don't know what's in it, how can you ever feel clean", I think is the idea. You're supposed to send this ad to your legislators to help make that case.

The only case I think was made was that degradation, humiliation, harassment and other unwanted sexual advances (up to and including rape as far as I'm concerned) towards a human being--in particular in this case, a woman--is not only acceptable, but "humorous", "fun" and "captivating" (as email replies from the company have called the ad/material).

Blech. I'm trying to figure out how anyone feels okay after watching this. Anyone? Please enlighten me! Seriously.
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