Tracy (misstracy) wrote,

Successful watermelon rind! YAY!

The rind is in its final stages right now, and soon will be canned/processed and stored away. It looks perfect! And the syrup tastes perfect! I haven't actually tasted a piece of rind yet as it's still bubbling away in the syrup, but it looks and feels great.

This is an absolute piece of cake to make! It's oddly a very expensive treat whenever I see it for sale, and there's no reason for that. Basically use up your trash (the rind) then put in really just a few minutes of work (and quite a few hours when the rind is just soaking in different types of fluid) and that's that. I'd say it's much easier to make than jams and such.

I forgot how wonderful watermelon was until I made that salad the other day, and now I have all the more reason to go buy some more of it. I can keep myself stocked in cheap rind for the rest of my life. Woohoo!

I love making something I've never made before, especially something that, for some odd reason, seemed mysterious or complicated to me. I guess it was just so foreign to me as I never saw/heard of the stuff until my mid-20's that I imagined it to be complicated. Huh. Strange how the mind works.
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