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Did someone post/link to some recipes lately...

ETA: cancel that request! I found it! It was in the coupon section of the Sunday paper! :) "Angel Lush", just a crap fluffy recipe that might work well for spring/Easter stuff (especially with angel food and strawberries on sale...). Yay. :)

...for angelfood cake layered with strawberries and some sort of pineapple cream fluffy goodness?

I saw a recipe the other day for such a thing and it was talking about being great for when strawberries go crazy/in season and I thought I'd tuck it away for later. Some strawberries are coming out now and some are on good sale, so I thought of making this. Now, I cannot find the recipe. I swore it was in one of my cookbooks, but I can't find it again. Not in the magazines I get related to food. Did one of y'all post something? :/

Yeah, yeah, I can find plenty-o-similar recipes online but there was something about *this* one that I really loved. And yes, I could fake my way through it just fine. But that's not what I'm after, not for this, not right now.

So...anyone? :/
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