Tracy (misstracy) wrote,

TV time dwindling all the more

So BSG is finally over, and as much as I kinda feel like getting into The Plan or Caprica, I don't think I'm going to.

I'm still loving Lost, but glad that it will be over soon. I want some damn answers. And I hope I get some slightly better answers than the BSG finale gave me frankly. Another month and that will be done.

I've watched ER from the beginning when it was so-so, to the middle when I thought it was great, to the past few years when it was just pathetic and over done, and now feel some strange need to stick with it through its sad end, to midwife it through its death so to speak. Only a few more weeks there, too, and I'll be quite glad when it's over. I can't stand how they portray healthcare, particularly anyone on the team that is *not* a physician. Nurses take a blatant hit on the show as they stand there as wallflowers and often just look stupid to help the docs look better. I can barely begin to comment on the hundreds of other professions that get completely ignored. Hey mary_mayhem, ya ever see how those docs will sometimes just take the blood back to a microscope at their desk to do the CBC themselves since the damn lab doesn't know what it's doing? Argghghgh. I will be happy to see the show diiiiiie.

And then there's Big Love which I finally found on a few non-HBO sites so I picked that up again. And The Daily Show, of course. In another month, these will be the only two shows I'm watching. Which I'm quite happy about. Now that we don't have cable, I've been watching my "tv" at the computer, and sitting in front of this damn thing for ~6 hours a week makes that feel horribly excessive. And nooo, I don't want to stream stuff through the Wii or rig whatever else is available. That's not what I'm saying, so for heaven's sake don't feel the need to come to my tech-rescue. If we wanted that, we'd be more than capable of setting it up, thankssomuch.

In general, I'd say life is much improved with much less tv. For me anyway. Whatever works for others. M & I have Netflix and have been queuing up some old as well as movies to watch together. TV has become much more about some quality time together for the most part. And the shows we each watch separately online are nice personal-escape/pleasure time.

I'm looking forward to being down to ~3 hours a week (Big Love, plus four Daily Shows) very soon. But even that sounds like so much. Three hours? Three whole hours doing nothing but staring at the shiny screen? I'm sure someday I'll be back up to much larger numbers. But right now, I'm loving the dwindling numbers and just keep drooling over the never-ending stack of books I keep queuing up in various ways. :)
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