Tracy (misstracy) wrote,

Grocery savings

We reached a new milestone in our grocery shopping/savings tonight in which we saved more than we spent. We've been doing TheGroceryGame(.com) and enjoying it. Worth the small fee every 8(or is it 12?) weeks and definitely helping us stockpile basics. I keep a well stocked pantry already, but now we're seriously well-stocked and for very low (sometimes free!) prices.

Sure, we paid attention to sales and store-discount-card items and often did pretty well. But now with the help of "The List" (from TGG), we're using coupons combined with card savings combined with advertised sale cycles and the occasional unadvertised sales (why, I ask you grocery store, whyyy have unadvertised sales?!?) and saving much, much more. TGG keeps track of all of this stuff and tells you "buy it if you need it", "this is the lowest price ever expected, so stock up", and "this is free!".

We now buy only stock-up and free items unless it's something perishable we really need (e.g. milk) or some special thing for a specific recipe/event (e.g. this week we needed dry sherry as I only had cream sherry on hand at home already).

Today was triple coupon day so it led to a lot more things being super-cheap to free so we stocked up on a LOT. Filled the cart and then some.

We spent 106 dollars, but saved an additional 116. Yes, 222 dollars total. Our house is busting at the seams. :) It's been working well for us and we're so well stockpiled on most everything now after just a couple of months of doing this that I can't imagine buying full price for anything ever again. It's bound to happen, I'm sure, but it happens quite rarely now already.'s a very fun way to save some extra money, keep a beyond well-stocked pantry and house, to enjoy some time together planning our week/meals/etc., and a way to enjoy a bit of my OCD in a rather healthy, and cost-savings, way. :)

FYI, you can do a free trial for a month (I think?). If anyone does happen to sign up, we'd be happy to have you list us as a referral source (I think we might get some free weeks out of it). Just let us know and we'll give you the email our household is registered under.
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