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Antenna/Digital conversion box

We've been happily without cable for a couple months now. I'm very much enjoying the "extra" time I have when I don't default to wasting it in front of the tv. I.e. putting the thing on for "background noise" and then getting sucked into crap or reruns of good shows I've already seen, etc. I'm all for good/great tv when it's good and enriching in some fashion, but we really just wasted time in front of the thing. I came to understand my mother's incessant pleas to "turn off that boob tube!" in my childhood.

So cable meant we refound all this time to do stuff we actually loved. It's been great. We did still have basically one channel, 22, though. It was grainy and it's certainly not the most exciting channel out there, but it was nice to have.

If we did want to watch news or some live tv update/speech/etc. it was likely on there. Sure, the internets do provide, but sometimes together on the couch is a nice way to watch such things, too. And, if we really did want "background noise" (and didn't feel like music or whatever), we had that available. One night putting away laundry, I had some juicer infomercial on. I truly just wanted mindless chatter/noise in the background. Nothing to get sucked into there. But the chatter was nice for whatever reason.

Now with digital conversion, 22 is gone. We do still have one analog Spanish-language channel... :/ We thought about getting the conversion box. But I kinda like having no TV. I liked having the one channel, though, as described above.

So...I'm just curious. Any other noncable/satellite folks previously relying on antenna converted over to digital for rare tv moments? Do you still just get the signals from close stations? Did it open up more channels? Like it/dislike it? Just curious. The converter box is not at all a big expense, but before we expend anything, I'd love to hear more about it.
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We're still on cable, but when my mother-in-law got a digital TV, I tried it out over the air, using a 5 foot length of wire for an antenna. None of the analog channels came in well, but there were a half dozen digital signals that were perfect.

Let me know if you'd like help setting up a simple antenna to help reception.

The converter boxes seem to be everywhere now. I recall seeing them at Radio Shack and Rite-Aid. Probably at the grocery stores too.
My folks have never had cable or sattelite so when the conversion was happening, daddy got a new digitial ready TV (not the converter box).

He said he gets some channels in really good and some he used to get, he can't. It's either all the way perfect or not at all. One thing he likes is how pbs is now like 4 stations - so he gets UNC-TV, UNC-KD (kids), UNC-ED and UNC-NC. He used to just get one station but now gets 4 (like channel 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, etc.)

They live out in the boonies and get several stations quite well and clear. The thought is once the conversion takes place and more energy is given to the digital signals they'll be even better/reliable.

If you get the converter box, chances are you'll probably be able to get more shows as a lot of the over the air networks are doing #.# additions in programming.