Tracy (misstracy) wrote,

Fairly normal schedule feels nice, and water heater woes

Today M and I drove into work/school together, and of course drove home together as well. We worked/"clinicaled" from about 7:30-3:30. Came home, enjoyed a bit of afternoon together and will probably go to bed at fairly normal times. I must admit...this has been kinda nice. Probably not nice enough to give up my night shift pay. But...makes me think about it. I can just keep holding onto the idea that in another year (or so), M might be working and we might be *close* to the same schedule. RadTechs at WakeMed generally work 4 10's, so it won't be perfect, but...hopefully close. It is awfully nice to feel kinda normal, though. Wow. Never thought I'd say that. :)

On more frustrating fronts...

So last night I was horribly sleepy and started falling asleep on the couch between 9-10. Off to bed for me. M had stuff to do so stayed up, then later came to bed around 1 am. With the dogs. Up came Ginger on the bed and I started hearing dripping noises down where she was (on my feet, one of her favorite spots).

She was sorta walking around all weird and I started to worry she was peeing on the bed. Seemed odd to do so in dribbles, as well as incredibly odd to have an accident in general and on the bed of all things, but...well, sleepy haze will make you think weird things.

I sat up and realized water was leaking from the ceiling fan, which meant there was water in the attic. CRAP!

Having been through WaterInTheAttic before (the great water heater bust of 2005, the great A/C breakdown of 2005, and then later small leaks here and there), I knew that meant water had pooled in the attic enough to drip down into the ceiling space and then came out the easiest route: through the generally invisible holes/edges where our ceiling fan/light is. Argh.

So, I woke up and M stayed up and the dogs mostly just looked confused at the strange water source dripping onto their sleeping spot.

Up to the attic to discover the water heater was leaking from a seam along the top. Turned water off, turned heater off/down to pilot, and investigated online. This was likely a "replace the whole damn thing" fix. Joy. We cleaned up, stopped all leaks and--now that our covers were rather soaked (we didn't think to immediately catch/sop up water on the bed as we just wanted to stop the source first), we slept in the living room last night.

In the morning and this afternoon, all was still well. Called a few plumbers and left messages and figured tomorrow was a good day since M would be home in the afternoon. One guy actually answered and said he could be right over. He ran in, checked it out, then ran back out, calling the shop on the way out the door to make sure they had what he needed in stock and would stay open for him (it was 4:55). Then, back he came with a new unit. And now, it's installed. Damn! Great service. I highly recommend R&S Plumbing out of Cary should you need anything, fyi. :)

Ah, well...I have a few snarky feelings in my head along the lines of "And no, this latest WaterInTheAttic problem is not a very expensive attempt at getting Chris Martin back in my life, just as it wasn't with any other WaterInTheAttic experience. If you think it sounds silly to even think of me doing that for a prize as graaand as having him back in my life...well, imagine how all the more silly it sounded to me back when that was apparently popular thought. Sometimes bad water things just happen in houses. Especially houses stupid enough to have multiple water things on the fourth floor. FYI." And I really shouldn't think too many of those thoughts, as they really are a bit of an energy waste.

So anyway...close to 1000 spent for this adventure, but hopefully the damn thing is in tiptop shape now. Argh. A little more overtime and that will be covered as well. Le sigh.

But now, onto enjoying hot water again, and then a wonderful night home with M while we're still on vaguely the same schedule for another 24 hours. :)
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