Tracy (misstracy) wrote,

DO: Valentine's Day

So we're not exactly big VDay folks for various reasons, but we do tend to honor it a bit. For the most part, our celebration of the day was the entire weekend/trip, but we did each end up getting each other something in the realm of stereotypical silliness.

I found these "Kinky Lottery Tickets" or some such nonsense at Borders. Scratch off games that involve some sort of "kinkiness" of varying levels. I found them funny and different so decided to get those. But then I saw these other Kinky Coupons and thought those might be better. I read through them and most made me laugh out loud because...well...I guess because I forget what "kinky" apparently means to your average Borders customer! Things along the lines of "I'll let you call the shots and take the lead tonight!" or "I've been bad and will let you spank me 20 times" and such. Outrageous and pushing boundaries for some, I'm sure, and that's great, and more power to those folks and all that. But, well, for all the heavily glittered and snazzy writing on the thing, I guess expected something more edgey. I just forget that some of our play is a little too edgey for bunches of rather kinky folks as it is. Since I now couldn't decide between the two, I ended up getting both along with a very traditional and vanilla coupon book and made it a little threesome of silliness.

M got me a box of chocolates!!! A red box in the shape of a heart and everything! I LOVED it! Especially because it was filled with Lindt chocolates, one of my very favorites. I don't know if I've ever received a box of chocolates quite that traditional (my HS sweetheart used to get me See's truffles every Christmas, but that's different), so I just loved getting this completely stereotypical and cheesily charming gift. I also devoured half of the chocolates over the weekend, if not the first day. :)

Total cheese from both of us, and a perfect compliment to our rather otherwise edgy and alternative weekend.
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